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Looking for Homer's detailed Biography? It's here.
Are you a member of a Reading Group reading one of Homer's books? Congratulations on your literary taste! Go to the Reading Groups page.
Wondering if Homer is appearing anywhere near you or might come to your event? Here's the situation:

  • Homer sometimes visits bookstores when one of his new books are published. The "What's New" section will list the book stores where he will be. You will make him really happy if you show up!

  • A good place to meet him is in Beckley, West Virginia at the annual Rocket Boys/October Sky Festival. Go here more on the festival!

  • Another good place to meet Homer is in the wilds of Montana when he's on one of his dinosaur-hunting expeditions. Click here for an account of his Summer 2006 dino-hunting adventures.

  • If you're on St. John, U. S. Virgin Islands, for Carnival, hang around the Mongoose Shopping Center and you might spot him

  • If one of his books is chosen by your city for a "One Book, One City" read, he will certainly consider showing up.

  • Other venues that might attract him include university graduation exercises or any large gathering of folks interested in his work, especially if they are meeting in a tropical or otherwise splendid location.

  • In ALL cases, please contact Greater Talent Network at ekb@greatertalent.com or 800-326-4211 to check on Homer's availability.

  • Want the latest and greatest on Homer and all the fun and interesting things he and Linda and their cats are doing? Do you also want photos of Homer, Linda, cats, and friends? Go to the Newsletter/Photos page.
    Want still more information? Go to the FAQ page to read it directly and unvarnished from Homer. You can also check out the Interviews page.
    Want to write Homer? Go to the Contact Us page. Tip: You stand a much better chance of getting a reply if you spell his name correctly.
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