Busy week! - 2006-11-02 12:09:57
Linda and I are having quite the sociable week which isn't normal for us. Usually, we're stay-at-homes here in Huntsville. I usually write all day, and Linda answers e-mail and letters, or mails books to servicemen and women, or does her extensive Humane Society work. In-between our work, we go out to jog or to the Y for exercise. All that doesn't leave us much in the mood to be sociable afterwards. But this week has been definitely different!

Saturday night, Linda's brother Chris had his annual big blowout Halloween party. There was a great crowd there, all in imaginative costumes. Linda went as a half devil, half angel, I went as a Star Trek captain. I was a captain in the army so it was somewhat appropriate!

Sunday was a reunion of the Neutral Buoyancy Simulator (NBS) divers held on the picnic grounds of NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center. I worked in the NBS for years and was one of their safety divers. I also spent a lot of time in the EMU suit (space suit) working out the procedures for repair of the Hubble Space Telescope. Sadly, the NBS is presently mothballed, but I'd love if it opened up to train the astronauts for the next Hubble mission! Go here: and you'll see photos of the NBS party including me standing along the rim overlooking the big, empty tank.

Monday was our anniversary so we went out with our good friends Wes and Frances Clayton to the restaurant in the new Huntsville Embassy Suites Hotel. Food and drink and company were all great! Tuesday, fellow dino-boy Bill Hendricks was in town so out we went to the new Mexican restaurant, the El Dorado, close to our home. More great food and company! Wednesday, we visited our friends Carol and Al English for a party with a group we call the Shallow Divers. The Shallow Divers once worked for me when I owned a little company called Deep Space. Deep Space specialized in underwater space simulations. We also ran the scuba tank at Space Camp, and build underwater space suits for the Japanese space agency. Anyway, we were at Carol and Al's to celebrate Shallow Diver Tina McDonald's acceptance to the Alabama bar. For years, Tina traveled back and forth nearly every night all the way to Birmingham (a two-hour drive one way) to attend law school. We are so proud of her! Tonight (Thursday), we're having two couples in for raclette, which is sitting around a table before a special stove, cooking cheese and veggies and meats. See

Friday we have off, thank goodness, as I'll be packing for a weekend of speeches. Saturday night, I'm scheduled to be in Martinsburg, WV to help celebrate the selection of Rocket Boys as their community read. Go here: Then, after a very short nap, I'll be off to Charlotte, NC on Sunday morning to attend the National Association of Gifted Children conference. See: Then, I'll sneak on over to Gastonia, NC, to speak at the Schiele Museum Sunday afternoon and again Monday morning (see

After that, I'm going to drive down to see my mom in Myrtle Beach, SC. Whew!

And, crunched between all that, I continue to write, write, and write some more on The Red Helmet, the novel in process, and also plan on the marketing of The Far Reaches, the next "Josh Thurlow." I also finished writing an article for Parade Magazine, along with three forewords for various books. More on them later!

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