Letter from Jordan - 2009-04-08 07:55:01
I get a lot of fan mail, usually about Rocket Boys/October Sky or the Josh Thurlow novels. They're all mostly positive but every so often, one touches the heart. Here's one of those, received this morning:

Dear Mr. Homer Hickam,

My name is Issa , I am 18 years old, and I live in the Kingdom of Jordan, maybe you never heard about it, it's a third world country in the middle east, it's a third because there is no fourth. I saw the movie October sky, and it touched me so much, that I did some research about you. I am impressed that you managed against all odds, to be successful. I am relating that to me here in Jordan, its really hard to be successful,there is no money, there is war around us, and its not easy being a Christian in a Muslim country, discrimination is there, even as much smart i as i can be, there is something's i will never and cant accomplish because i am a Christian, I am taking you as a hero really, and I promise you, I will work and do my best like you did, to be successful, I don't know if I can send you another e-mail or see your reply, I am sending this from a computer not mine. but i will try hard to check my mail for your reply!!

I thank you for giving me hope,



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