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The Far Reaches Special Issue, June 10, 2007

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Dear Gentle and Prodigious Readers:

This is a special announcement concerning the arrival of my new novel, The Far Reaches, in a bookstore or book website near you.

I am very proud of The Far Reaches. I think you will find it a dynamic, exciting page-turner, perfect for the beach, around the pool, traveling, or relaxing in an easy chair anywhere. The novel begins in the midst of the South Pacific battle of Tarawa during World War II, then moves to the Far Reaches, a group of lovely Polynesian islands. Captain Josh Thurlow and sidekick Ready O'Neal and several Marines are shanghaied to these islands by a beautiful Irish nun, Sister Mary Kathleen, who wants them to join her in a battle against a Japanese warlord. Expect action, adventure, and romance to ensue!

The Far Reaches is the third in my series starring Captain Thurlow, the rough-edged hero of The Keeper's Son and The Ambassador's Son. If you haven't read those novels, don't worry. All the Thurlow novels are written to stand alone. Of course, I hope you'll go back and read them after you've enjoyed Josh's latest!

The Far Reaches has received great reviews from Publisher's Weekly and Kirkus, the primary review agencies of the book industry. It has also been picked as an alternate selection by the Military Book Club, a very nice compliment. There are rumors it will be up for some literary awards as well.

Think Father's Day now for this South Pacific World War II adventure!

Please also go to to check out my book tour schedule, read several chapters of The Far Reaches and also receive some on-line ordering information. Of course, the best thing to do is to simply head down to your nearest bookstore and pick up a copy, or click on your favorite book website and do the same. Then, batten down the hatches and spend some quality time with Captain Thurlow!

Naturally, I would also appreciate a review on or Four or five stars are always appreciated!

Happy Summer Reading!

Homer Hickam
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