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Coalwood, WV - The Rocket Boys - Emily Sue Buckberry
  Emily Sue Buckberry is seldom available for orange suit shopping expeditions now that she is a semi-retired Assistant Professor Emerita of Speech Pathology at Ohio University in Athens, OH. She teaches there every fall, winters in Slidell, Louisiana, and summers in the mountains of Lewisburg, WV. Being a "teacher's kid", she went on to college after graduating with the Rocket Boys in 1960, to learn how to achieve her dream of being a Speech Therapist. She graduated from Marshall University, along with Quentin Wilson. She worked as a Speech Therapist in the WV schools of McDowell and Wetzel counties before attending graduate school at Ohio University and then joining the faculty there.

Sonny and Emily Sue have remained close friends throughout the years (she now really regrets not keeping his letters from Vietnam). He asked her to be one of the reviewers for the original manuscript of Rocket Boys and she appears frequently as a character throughout the pages. At Homer's request, the director of October Sky hired Emily Sue as the dialect/dialogue consultant for the movie, which earned her a listing in the credits.

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